BIPD™ - Built-In Driver Panel

BIPD™ - Built-In Driver Panel

BIP products are built-in driver lighting fixtures with a thickness of only 23mm.
Products can be embedded, surface mounted, wall mounted, and suspended.
Suitable for a variety of installation environments. And the unique design improves the cost performance of the product.

  • Features

    * Warranty: 5 years, 50,000 life hours
    * Input Voltage: 100-277Vac 0-10V dimmable
    * High efficiency, up to 125lm/W  RA:80 DLC Premium
    * PMMA LGP,UV resist material with 10 years life.
    * Built-in driver, 22mm super low profile design
    * Surface  mounted / Grid ceiling reccessed installation

  • Model List

    Size: 2'x2'

    20w - 128lpw - 2560lm

    30w - 124lpw - 3720lm


    Size: 2'x4'

    30w - 125lpw - 3720lm

    40w - 128lpw - 5120lm


    Size: 1'x4'

    30w - 125lpw - 3750lm

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