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FRPV0™ - Fire-Safety Panel (V0 TPA)

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FRPV2 products can achieve V-0 fire rating. And can provide 30 minutes of resistance to fire giving building occupants more time to evacuate.
It compliance with: UK Building Regulations Part B(2013)  TP-A.

Product Info

Model List

* Warranty: 5 years, 50,000 life hours

* Input Voltage: 200-240Vac  |  PF>0.9 | THD<20% 

* High efficiency, up to 125lm/W  RA:80

* FLICKER-FREE  TUV-Mark certificated driver

* PMMA LGP,UV resist material with 10 years life.

* PC diffuser , easy to clean the surface.

* Fire proof level V0 TPA

Size: 60x60cm

36w - 123lpw - 4430lm

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