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PLBLIT™ - Back-Lit Panel

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We have also been looking for economical and reliable office lighting products. The economical edge-lit panel, if used with a PS LGP, has a short lifetime.
PLBLIT.BS uses back light design, using PMMA lens, the product is only 35mm thickness, with reliable quality and low price.


Model List

* Back light panel with lens, 38mm thickness

* Warranty: 3 years

* Input Voltage: 200-240Vac  |  PF>0.5 | THD<20% 

* 80lm/W  RA:80

* No inner box. Save transportation and storage cost design.

Size: 2'x2' / 60x60cm

36w - 100lpw - 3600lm

20w - 125lpw - 2500lm

Size: 2'x4'

60w - 107lpw - 6420lm

40w - 125lpw - 5000lm

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