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  • DPLG7™ - Light

    DPLG7™ - Light

    LG7 Panel can light up the ceiling.Perfect feelingFeaturesModel List* Warranty:

  • DPRP™ - Circle

    DPRP™ - Circle

    Round things always bring pleasure to people. Circular panel lamp, beautiful and

  • DPCE™ - Recess

    DPCE™ - Recess

    DPCE frame, can match to normal panel, let the panel to be recessed into ceiling

  • DPBS™ - Blue S

    DPBS™ - Blue S

    We hope to feel the blue sky in the office. DPBS panel can bring you this experi

  • DSL2™ - Built-

    DSL2™ - Built-

    The ultra-thin circular ceiling lamp with a thickness of only 14mm is a modern a

  • SMPR™ - Round

    SMPR™ - Round

    The product can be installed in any indoor location, on the wall, on the ceiling

  • BIPD™ - Built-

    BIPD™ - Built-

    BIP products are built-in driver lighting fixtures with a thickness of only 23mm

  • SMPS™ - Square

    SMPS™ - Square

    The product can be installed in any indoor location, on the wall, on the ceiling

  • RCPR™ - Recess

    RCPR™ - Recess

    Recessed panel, can be installed in plaster ceiling or drywall ceiling.It is low

  • Cut-hole Adjustable

    Cut-hole Adjustable

    FeaturesModel List* Warranty: 3 years* Input Voltage: 200-240Vac | PF>0.9 | T



TOPO LED LIGHTING founded in 2009, is a state-level high-tech enterprise and UKAS ISO 9001:2016 and ISO14001 certified company. We has advanced LED luminaire manufacturing and test facilities and 120 employees, and focus on LED PANEL.

Excellent our LED luminaires have already provided inspiration for thousands of designers, architects and engineers all over the world.

Brighten the world with your heart!

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